Fresh cut Christmas trees go through a physiological change when they are cut. The trees do everything possible to not transpire (lose moisture) through their needles in order to “stay alive” as long as they can. They also seal off the cut by exuding pitch. This is good for consumers because this is why fresh cut Christmas trees hold up as well as they do. If trees are given a fresh cut before being placed in a stand and then are placed in water they will re-hydrate themselves as long as the water level does not go below the level of the cut so they reseal.

A secondary affect of the trees not transpiring is they lose their fragrance. This is one of the most desirable attributes of farm grown Christmas trees. This can easily be remedied however. On the lot or in the home, all one has to do is to reach inside the tree and crush some needles. This immediately releases the wonderful natural fragrance of the tree. Advertisers say that “Smell sells” and if retailers remember to do this during high traffic times the wonderful aroma permeates the lot and it truly smells like Christmas. Telling customers to do the same thing in the evenings when they can enjoy the pleasing fragrance makes the experience better for them also.